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King's Quest reboot concludes this month

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Publisher Activision may not be offering much marketing support to The Odd Gentlemen's episodic King's Quest reboot—the website (opens in new tab) hasn't even been updated since the release of the second chapter—but at least it's letting the developer finish it off. The fifth chapter of the pretty well-received adventure series releases in a couple of weeks, a mere month after the last one came out. 

Chapter 5: The Good Knight releases on October 25, and once again the setup is that an elderly King Graham is having flashbacks to his younger adventuring days. This time, however, he's not that much younger, with Sierra (Activision's zombie subsidiary) noting in the press release that Graham is "now an old man even in flashbacks, preparing to go on one last adventure for the kingdom he loves. But as his health deteriorates, can Graham’s memories still be trusted?"

There's a 'Complete Collection' of King's Quest available on Steam, which will add an extra epilogue chapter that will hopefully be made available separately to people who bought individual episodes, or the season pass.

There's no trailer for Chapter 5 yet, so here's the launch trailer for Chapter 4: Snow Place Like Home.

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