Kingdoms of Amalur MMO due "later in the year" says artist

Kingdoms of Amalur - Burt Reynold's Rude Awakening

Comic book artist and Kingdoms of Amalur designer, Todd McFarlane, has been to Start about his work on Amalur. About halfway through he mentioned that the team is still working on building a full scale Kingdoms of Amalur MMO and says that "it's supposed to come out later in the year."

McFarlane told Start about a conversation he had with Amalur backer and baseball player, Curt Schilling, in which he voiced his concerns about releasing Reckoning before the MMO. "If Reckoning comes out first before your MMO, which we're still working on, it's supposed to come out later in the year, and that comes out and it lays an egg, I don't understand what your marketing campaign is," he said.

"From the mediocre game that nobody bought and doesn't really like that much, comes a big giant version of that game!" he quipped.

A valid concern. If your game is laying eggs, something has gone badly wrong. Here's the full interview with McFarlane.

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