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Kingdom of Loathing dev reveals West of Loathing

Stickman MMO Kingdom of Loathing has been going since 2003, and I'm just going to stop and think about how wonderful that is for a moment.

Lovely. But I'm actually here to inform you that its developer Asymmetric Publications has announced a new game: West of Loathing. As you might have guessed from the title, it's set in the West Country, and sees you drinking cider instead of health potions,, wait, it's set in the Wild West. The American one with all the cowboys and the farting and the beans. Here's a teaser trailer:

West of Loathing is being described as an "adventure RPG", and you can see what that means in the above video. Basically, it means dialogue, sidescrolling, turn-based battles, comedy, and other exciting things.

West of Loathing will be out "Early 2017", so says the Greenlight page, and that's entirely too far away.