Kingdom Come: Deliverance DLC detailed in a lengthy launch-day trailer

The Kingdom Come: Deliverance DLC From the Ashes is live today, and developer Warhorse Studios has rolled out a new video providing a closer look at what players can do when they're given the job of bailiff of a village being rebuilt on the ruins of a bandit camp. 

From the Ashes is a little different from most DLC releases because it's not an "extra," but is integrated into the primary campaign. As the bailiff, you'll make the calls about how the village is rebuilt, but it's not city-building sim; instead, it's more of a financial management system, where you tell your Number One Guy what you want (and ensure he's got the cash to cover it), and then stand back while he makes it happen.  

Different types of buildings will cost or generate money, but more importantly they open doors to new and unique opportunities. A stable, for instance, will enable you to purchase new horses that aren't available anywhere else, and having an alchemy table in your town hall eliminates the need to look for one elsewhere. You'll also have the opportunity to higher special NPCs to join you on your adventures, and help settle disputes between your citizens, which will influence their well-being and your finances.

Eventually, the village will start churning out regular revenues for you, unless you botch the job. Screw things up enough and your erstwhile benefactor will step in, liberating you from the weighty responsibilities of management that are clearly too much for you to handle. (I guess he hadn't heard about the poop-throwing thing when he decided to put you in charge.)

Kingdom Come: Deliverance goes for $10/£8/€10 on Steam, GOG, and the Humble Store.

Andy Chalk

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