Kingdom Come: Deliverance adds Hardcore mode, From the Ashes trailer

Kingdom Come: Deliverance has rolled out a new Hardcore mode, alongside its latest 1.6 patch. And if you thought survival in 13th century Bohemia was challenging before, trying staying alive minus fast travel, quick saving and compass indicators. 

Then try taking on board two permanent negative perks—such is a requirement of the new mode. Ailments cover everything from Nightmares that inflict short-term debuffs, to Tapeworms that heighten your appetite, and Claustrophobia that lowers attacks whenever your helmet visor is closed. 

The Somnambulant perk, however, is my favourite. "There is a slight chance you will wake up somewhere else than where you fell asleep," explains this Steam Community update. "Provides quite a challenge when you wake up in an unknown place and can't see your position on the map. Very rarely you can also sleepwalk your place to some secret areas."

Which reminds of a more gruelling slant on Skyrim's A Night to Remember side quest. The full list of negative perks can be read here

Hardcore mode also prevents Waypoints from being seen unless the player is up close, combat is more realistic—"strikes have a more realistic impact"—traders pay less for goods, and repairing items is more costly. Moreover, in the absence of compass indicators players must determine the time of day against the sun's location in the sky, which sounds pretty neat.    

Read more on KC:D's Hardcore survival mode this way, alongside patch notes for update 1.6. There, developer Warhorse Studios says more on the action role-player's incoming From the Ashes DLC is "coming soon".

Update: Since publishing the above, Warhorse has released a brief trailer for its From the Ashes DLC. Here's that: