Kerrigan gets a makeover in Heroes of the Storm’s latest update

Blizzard’s colourful MOBA Heroes of the Storm has just received a substantial new update, introducing a new quest line and several other changes and additions.

At the head of the pack is “The Fall of King’s Crest”, a new quest line in the game. “Aid the Lady of Thorns against the Raven Lord’s invasion of King’s Crest by his malevolent generals,” Blizzard state in their announcement. “This dark quest line comes packed with exciting new skins and quest rewards, like Cursed Witch Whitemane, Spectral Wyrm Alexstrasza, Spider Warden Maiev, Infernal Knight Zarya, Redeemed Tombstone Mount, and more.”

This new quest comes alongside reworks for two of the game’s Heroes—Kerrigan and Brightwing. These changes are pretty extensive, and so Blizzard has created two character Spotlight videos explaining the alterations for Kerrigan and Brightwing respectively.

Kerrigan's changes include a new AOE follow-up attack after her Primal Rage ability, and an additional Skillshot for her Ultimate Summon Ultralisk. Brightwing, meanwhile, has an “Activatable Cleanse” on her “Soothing Mist” ability that removes most negative status effects on nearby allies, alongside a faster projectile on Arcane Flare that also has a chance to activate Soothing Mist without a cooldown. (I hope this all makes sense to Heroes of the Storm players. I feel like I’m writing in another language.)

Other changes include a reworking of the Garden of Terror Battleground, which is explained in another Spotlight video, and the introduction of a new HOTS comic book also called “The Fall of King’s Crest", which delves into the lore behind the new quest line.

The update comes alongside the opening of HOTS fourth ranked season for 2018, enabling players to deploy these reworked characters right from the off. You can find out more about this new Season on the Season 4 blog.