Kerberos finally finish Sword of the Stars II, a mere year after release

Waiting three days for UK Steam games to unlock is maddening enough, but waiting a whole year to be able to properly play a game you've spent good money on takes the biscuit - in fact, it takes the whole pack. Upon launch, Sword of the Stars II was a buggy, space weevil of a game , the strategy equivalent of the catastrophic Dungeon Lords . Thankfully, Kerberos has finally given the all-clear that it's reached the state it should have been at release. And it only took them a year.

Martin E. Cirulis, Kerberos CEO, relayed the news via a message on the game forums. After stating that "while 'all clear' in no way means support for the game has ended or that we have no plans for additions, it does mean that the game is in the shape we would have wished it to be upon release," he went on to highlight some of the additions we can expect in about three weeks, which includes new maps, a "revised Empire economics screen" and selectable teams at startup. He also thanked the fans who stuck by the game over the many, many months of its post-release development.

"We also want to issue a heartfelt thanks to the players who stood by us in those dark early months and who believed us when we said this game would be fixed. We owe a great deal to the players who stuck it out through all the dozens of updates and fixes and kept reporting the bugs and posting their saves. Their input has made for a bigger and better SotS2 than could have been achieved at release even under the best of conditions."

So that's it. Sword of the Stars II is finally done. This won't improve the Metacritic ratings, but it does mean that (hopefully) SotSII players now own a playable strategy game.

Tom Sykes

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