Kerbal meets Mechwarrior in incredible mod

Kerbal Mechwarrior

This is, frankly, brilliant — introducing the world of Mechwarrior to that of Kerbal Space Program. First, watch:

While Kerbal already has some of the best planets in gaming, it didn't have the best walking robots of death. Now, thanks to creator of the above Allmhuran, it has.

Pieced together in classic scrap metal fashion from a selection of different mods (BD Armory, Infernal Robotics, Camera Tools, Tweakscale, Steam Guages, KOS and UbioZor Part Welding), the Mechwarrior mod has taken a long time to put together.

But Allmhuran isn't done yet — there's more to come. More mechs. More warriors. More Kerbals.

[Thanks, PCGamesN]