Ken Levine exposes the conflict in Columbia from BioShock Infinite

After last week's E3 bonanza, top scientists have verified that it is officially impossible to not be excited about BioShock Infinite. That's why we jumped with joy when we saw that Irrational Games is releasing several short vignettes on Infinite that delve deeper into the game's background and lore. Join us in our giddy, schoolgirl-like excitement as we listen to the always-articulate Ken Levine discussing the opposing factions that are tearing Columbia apart: the Founders and the Vox Populi.

Hearing Infinite's backstory is absolutely fascinating—Levine's interest with incorporating movements and mindsets into his games, ones that feel steeped in history, is part of what makes them so compelling. The strife between Comstock and Fitzroy feels like a genuine part of America's history, and--OH MY GOD DID YOU SEE THAT GAMEPLAY FOOTAGE?! We can't wait to hear more from the well-spoken developer. Tune in next week when he delves into Elizabeth's powers and her ability to manipulate dimensional tears.