Just Cause 3 Jenga looks like messy, destructive fun

Just Cause 3 Jenga

Someone has managed to build, and play, a working game of Jenga in Just Cause 3, using shipping crates, Rico's handy grappling hook, and a helicopter, all items most of us have lying around the house. It's a lot more time-consuming than regular Jenga, but thanks to JC3's physics system, it actually works pretty well.

As you can see, to pull the 'blocks' out, YouTuber teamcream uses Rico's grappling hook. The trickier part is putting the block back on the top of the teetering tower, something they accomplish with the aid of a helicopter. After reaching an impressive height, the structure tumbles rather satisfyingly into a pile of multicoloured crates.

One to try when Just Cause 3's multiplayer mod releases, I reckon. (Cheers, Game Informer.)

Tom Sykes

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