Julian Gollop shows off pincer-wielding boss monsters in new Phoenix Point footage

Following his Saturday stage presentation at the PC Gamer Weekender 2018, Julian Gollop brought 17 minutes of Phoenix Point in-game footage to the event's livestream. 

Alongside our host Zoe, the X-Com mastermind talked us through one particularly action-packed turn-based mission—filled with hostile aliens, space age weaponry, and, yikes, one massive pincer-wielding extra terrestrial boss baddie. 

Phoenix Point is without a hard release date as yet, but good luck taking on that multi-legged monstrosity when it rolls out later this year:  

It's worth noting Julian Gollop pens a monthly guest column for PCG about game design. It's called The Gollop Chamber, and you can check it out over here.  

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