John Romero is still working on a new shooter


John Romero, he of Doom and Quake fame, is working on a new shooter. We've known that since 2014, but he hasn't spoken about it since. In fact, he's barely spoken about it now, but at a Zurich games convention this week he let on that he thinks it has a unique concept we haven't seen before.

“I don't want to talk about it because it's a really cool idea, it's a unique idea,” Romero told Develop. “I've never seen a game like it.

“I'm really excited to start making it because it's just a great idea. Instead of just pumping out game after game after game, it's like waiting to come up with something that's really unique, that no-one's seen before, and enables you to make something that you hope will be really amazing. So, we'll see. It's got a pretty cool fiction around it. It's got an interesting story.”

It's worth reading the whole article, though no firm details can be construed from the vague quotes given by Romero and his partner Brenda Romero. The duo's studio Loop Drop specialise in iOS and Android titles, so it'll be interesting to see Romero re-join the PC fold (assuming, nay hoping, that he does).

In the meantime, he's been busy building Doom levels.

Shaun Prescott

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