Jane Foster's Mighty Thor is now playable in Marvel's Avengers

The Mighty Thor Jane has been added to Marvel's Avengers today as part of a free update. 

She was teased back in April, with an animated short landing last week in preparation for her release. Now she's been unleashed into the game, with Crystal Dynamics giving a nice overview of her abilities in a new deep-dive video.

Understandably, her kit shares a fair few similarities with that of Thor Odinson. She still has a few tools that differentiate her though, like a new ranged attack combo which can be upgraded to pin enemies without needing to aim. She can also toss Mjolnir as part of her light attack combo and send enemies flying with a front kick. Her ultimate plays into her Valkyrie side, letting her summon the All-Weapon Undrjarn. She's the third flying hero in the game, alongside Thor and Iron Man.

Jane Foster also has a few comic-inspired costumes plucked from both her stints as the Mighty Thor and Valkyrie, along with a challenge card and mission chain. You can peep the full deep dive into her abilities above or try her out right now. Her addition brings her up to 10 heroes for PC, since Spider-Man is unfortunately still exclusive to PlayStation.

Mollie Taylor
Features Producer

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