Far Cry 5 in-game documentary maker: 'I've been pounced by cougars, mauled by bears, sprayed by skunks getting the perfect shot'

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Players are searching for Bigfoot in Far Cry 5, but so far all Chris has found are wolves, bears and angry bison. Sonny Evans, the creator of the PUBG replay system nature documentary series, has thrown himself into the wilderness with an Attenborough-esque take on Hope County. 

Here's the premier episode of Far Cry Geographic:

Having recorded similar tongue-in-cheek shorts in Battlefield 1, GTA 5 and Fortnite, Evans describes Far Cry 5's world as "gorgeous" and a "pleasure" to record in.  

"You can easily get rid of all HUD and and there are sliders to decrease or increase FOV, if you zoom it right in you'll get that cinematic feel," he tells me of his process. "I did this all in the actual story mode, but if you really want to go all out you can create your own maps and sets in the creator mode. I fiddled around with it a little bit and it's actually perfect to create certain cinematics (you can place down buildings, shrubbery, NPC's and much more)."

In doing so, Evans makes the job look easier. But this is often far from the case. 

"In story mode, it's quite hard because there are cultists who want you dead and of course the wildlife who aren't very reasonable either," adds Evans. "I've been pounced by cougars, mauled by bears and actually sprayed on by a skunk... near enough simultaneously while trying to get the perfect shot. It made it so much fun though—the unpredictability of the game is its strongest point in my opinion."

Perhaps Evans' next expedition will uncover sasquatch in flesh. Well, assuming that grizzly's recently bereaved family doesn't catch up with him first.