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PCPP issue 300
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Ever since May 1996, the legendary PC PowerPlay magazine has been serving up gamers from Australia and New Zealand with the world’s finest gaming news, features, and reviews. This month we celebrate our historic 300th issue, and you’re invited to join the party. 

In a special feature, the team looks back at how far PC gaming, PC hardware, and PC PowerPlay itself has come. From the dawn of the ‘3D accelerator’ through to stunning games that kicked off whole new genres, and all the wins and fails of gaming and gear over the time. Many former editors have contributed their memories of their eras. It’s a wonderful read and we hope you enjoy looking back with us. 

But that’s far from all. This issue also has an epic review of Starfield. It’s the big game of the moment. Is it perfect? Well, not quite. Read our deep dive review and make up your own mind if this is a must-play, or wait until some patching has added the shine it needs. 

Elsewhere, we’ve rounded up the best gaming mice – both wired and wireless – to help you find the right weapon for your gaming wins. 

Plus, previews of the upcoming games, big and small, and all the news and insight you’ve come to expect from Australia’s number 1 PC games mag. 

Happy 300th birthday PC PowerPlay!

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