inXile crowdsourcing art needs: Get paid to provide 3D models for Wasteland 2

Crowdfunded RPG Wasteland 2 is looking to the community to help fill in some gaps in their art needs, usually one of the most resource-intensive parts of developing a new game. If you fancy yourself a maestro of the almighty polygon, you could see your art wind up in the final product. And they'll pay you for it.

You can read the full guidelines here , but essentially, inXile'll be posting some early concept art to the site every week. It's up to you, the community, to cobble together a 3D version that works well with Wasteland 2's visual style, and the context in the game it will be appearing in. If your art goes into the game, you get compensated in cash. It's as simple as that.

It's a Steam Workshop approach to game-making, essentially. The first batch is already up for your perusal. Try your hand at a hobo shack, a satellite dish, or just some "bad ass rocks." New asset requests will be posted each week, so keep an eye out.