Intruder is a multiplayer tactical FPS of gadgets and guile


If you're concerned about the state of innovation in modern shooters, don't paint a bullseye on the genre just yet. Intruder , an upcoming multiplayer FPS from the two-man Superboss Games, features plenty deviations from popular Dutyfields of today in the hopes of offering a more tactical approach to online shooting.

Initially emerging as an Unreal mod project, Intruder switched over to Unity so Superboss could expand its features. It's reminiscent of older multiplayer fare like the Rainbow Six and SWAT series, with similar leanings on strategy and careful fireteam coordination. Also familiar to fans of those games is the use of gadgets for surveillance and sabotage.

Both teams in Intruder use gear such as mirror cams, remote charges, concussive grenades, and sensors to help track and hinder enemy movements. A random set of doorways on the map will be locked, so a set of lockpicks is needed to access crucial flanking routes. Lockpicking is especially tense, as the chosen squaddie needs to focus on manually aligning each of the lock's tumblers while his teammates keep watch.

Intruder is an impressive refreshment of the value of strategizing in shooters, but some of Superboss' sampled applications of its gadgets might not hold up in actual gameplay. Lacing a walkway with remote charges and a sensor might not be as effective as simply camping the far end with a sniper rifle, and players typically tend to adopting the fastest and easiest method of victory at the cost of elegance. Still, I love seeing a shooter emphasizing clever item usage alongside the run-and-guns of today.

Intruder's official website is here . Check out some early alpha item testing footage below.

Omri Petitte

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