Introduce enough people to Tribes: Ascend and awesome things will happen

Tribes Ascend friend invite

Many years ago I earned a Zhevra mount for recommending a friend to WoW. I liked the idea of a stripey horse-shaped transportation device. Sadly, my Zhevra has never been ridden or redeemed because I quit WoW soon after.

Despite that sad story, I still like refer-a-friend perks. And, by the looks of it, so do Hi-Rez. In a move that bears more in common with Kickstarter incentives than previous schemes, players could feasibly get the chance to name weapons and even co-create maps if they convince enough people to register and play . It sounds like Hi-Rez are laying down a challenge. A challenge for the internet.

Players will need to reach level 6 in order to qualify, but that's not really a chore - as Evan mentions in his review, the game is a " brilliant resurrection of a classic " that'll run on a modest rig.

Refer 100 people and you get a premium pack, worth $50. Refer 500 and you'll get your name pasted all over over Hi-Rez' social media networks.

Things get really interesting at 1000 recommendations. Hit that figure and a weapon gets named after your character, giving massive potential for hi-jinx.

The internet need to unite and make this happen. At 10,000 people, someone gets to visit Hi-Rez, co-develop a map, and reveal their creation in a video. It could be magnificent.

Someone reading has the means to make this happen right? In the grand scheme of things this is a relatively simple task. INTERNET UNITE!