Interstellar movie gets a game worth playing

Interstellar Text Adventure

Christopher Nolan's Interstellar might have divided viewers as to whether it was an epic, heartfelt and awe-inspiring peek into the potential future of humanity, or just a big budget piece of shallow cack - but hey, it's got a game based on it now!

The Interstellar Text Adventure launched recently, bringing some classic 80s Zork-inspired fun with it. In the game you are a scientist sent on the Lazarus Project to locate a new home for the inhabitants of a dying earth - simple setup.

From there you'll need to place four probes to see if your planet is indeed suitable for human life. Obviously it's not that easy - I swiftly drowned in some mud while my robo-helper stood idly by, watching.

It's actually surprisingly good fun; well written and made with real nods back to both sources of inspiration - the film and the games of yore/latterly TWINE.

Just remember to type 'help here' a lot, otherwise you might get a bit confused. And when you're sliding down the basalt column, typing 'don't fall' doesn't help - I tried.