Interrogate enemies in Batman: Arkham City

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If there's one thing that Batman loves to do, it's hang a thug upside down and scream at him until his spirit breaks. Rocksteady have revealed that in Batman: Arkham City , you'll be able interrogate your foes for leads. Not only that, but the Riddler's back, and he's smarmier than ever.

Yes, The Riddler will return for the sequel to Rocksteady's superb Batman: Arkham Asylum, and he's in top taunting form. As with the first game, he'll be setting Batman exploration challenges and indulging his old habit of getting in touch with Batman directly to gloat and give him puzzles to solve. He has learned a few lessons from the first game, though, the most important one being "don't accidentally tell Batman where you are."

This time the Riddler keeping his most important secrets among a close-knit circle of friends. What he forgets is that Batman is the greatest detective in the world. The Dark Knight can scan groups of thugs, pinpoint likely informants and then swoop in and bat-punch everyone except his target, gaining some alone time with which to politely persuade his victim to spill the beans.

Arkham City will take place in a portion of Gotham that has been sealed off and given over to the gangs and psychos previously locked up in Arkham Asylum. Harley Quinn will be making a return for the sequel along with new characters, Catwoman and Two-Face. We've got a while to wait and see what part they have to play, as the game's scheduled for release in Autumn 2011.

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