Interested in making games? Watch this fascinating lecture by Knytt creator Nifflas

Amid the photos of old games consoles and soul-crushing stick-people memes, there are occasionally some very good things to be found on Reddit . This (old, but still relevant ) video lecture by Nicklas Nygren (AKA Nifflas) is one of them. He created Knytt, NightSky, Saira, and many more of your favourite indie games , and in this nearly hour-long lecture for the IT University of Copenhagen, he speaks about his history in game development. Go watch!

Although the lecture's fascinating in its own right - if you enjoy Nifflas' games or indie games in general - there's a wealth of tips here for developers to absorb. So if you're thinking of creating a game, or you're a year into making that epic 100-hour RPG you probably won't ever finish, be sure to give this video a watch. (Then head here or here for everything you might need.)

Tom Sykes

Tom loves exploring in games, whether it’s going the wrong way in a platformer or burgling an apartment in Deus Ex. His favourite game worlds—Stalker, Dark Souls, Thief—have an atmosphere you could wallop with a blackjack. He enjoys horror, adventure, puzzle games and RPGs, and played the Japanese version of Final Fantasy VIII with a translated script he printed off from the internet. Tom has been writing about free games for PC Gamer since 2012. If he were packing for a desert island, he’d take his giant Columbo boxset and a laptop stuffed with PuzzleScript games.