Intel issues a round of price cuts to its 9th generation F and KF processors

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Intel has lowered the price of its 9th generation Core desktop processors with F and KF designations, which denote parts lacking integrated graphics. Previously, the F and KF chips carried the same pricing as the non-F models.

Before we get to the pricing, let's go over these designations. A "K" chip is one with an unlocked multiplier, like the Core i9-9900K (one of the best CPUs for gaming). Being able to adjust the multiplier setting the BIOS can be a tremendous help in overclocking.

The "F" suffix showed up earlier this year, and is reserved for versions of a processor where the integrated graphics is disabled, like the Core i7-9700F. Other than lacking integrated graphics, the other specs are the same as their non-F counterparts. That's to say, the i7-9700 and i7-9700F have the same number of CPU cores and threads, the same base and boost clocks, the same cache arrangement, and so forth.

Finally, a "KF" suffix simply means it is both an unlocked processor (as denoted by the K) and lacks integrated graphics (as denoted by the F). Our primer out of the way, here is the new pricing:

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All eight processors are now cheaper than before, in terms of Intel's official pricing on each one. Before today, however, Intel's pricing for its F and KF processors was identical to their non-F/KF counterparts. For example, Intel's official pricing for both the i9-9900K and i9-9900KF was listed at $488 before today. Now the pricing on the i9-9900KF is $463, making if $25 cheaper than the 9900K.

In practice, retailers sold the graphics-less chips for a bit less than their counterparts, even though Intel's pricing did not dictate a disparity. Now the price differences across the board are official.

Since Intel's slide does not list the previous price points on any of the models, so here's how it breaks down:

  • Core i9-9900KF—$463 (down $25 from $488)
  • Core i9-9700KF—$349 (down $25 from $374)
  • Core i7-9700F—$298 (down $37 from $335)
  • Core i5-9600KF—$237 (down $25 from $262)
  • Core i5-9500F—$167 (down $25 from $192)
  • Core i5-9400F—$157 (down $25 from $182)
  • Core i3-9350KF—$148 (down $21 from $169)
  • Core i3-9100F—$97 (down $25 from $122)

So, the gap in pricing between the F and KF models and their non-F/KF counterparts is $25 on most of the SKUs. That's essentially the value Intel is placing on its integrated graphics, for its 9th gen lineup.

These new prices go into effect immediately, and reflect trays of 1,000 units (bulk orders). That means retail pricing is likely to be a little higher for individual orders. If you plan on buying a 9th gen chip, use these new price points as a guideline.

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