Inside 343 Industries' Halo museum

Where can you find a preserved supply of Halo 3-branded Mountain Dew Gamer Fuel, the life-size Master Chief armor used in a live action short film, and more Halo toys, figures, and statues than you ever knew existed? (The headline might be a giveaway). 343 Industries has been in charge of the Halo series for a decade now, and in that time it's built up quite a collection of Halo memorabilia in its Redmond, Washington office. There may be some diehard fans out there with even more stuff on-hand, but none of them give you a sticker that says "I visited the Halo museum," so this is basically the place.

I recently visited 343's headquarters to talk to the developers about bringing the Master Chief Collection to PC, which you can read about in the new issue of PC Gamer magazine. You can also read a couple smaller interviews with Halo's developers about what can go wrong when you unlock the framerates of old games and the challenge of adapting Halo's crouch on PC.

Between interviews, 343 took me on a tour of the Halo museum, which keeps taking up more space on the studio's first floor. Once the Halo TV series comes out, who knows how much more space they'll need. Here are some of the highlights from the collection.

Wes Fenlon
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