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Indie platformer Celestial Mechanica goes free, grab the soundtrack for a dollar

It's perhaps a bit cheeky of Rekcahdam - "Composer-Musician-Hacker-IndieGameDeveloper-Philanthropist" and, on his birth certificate, Roger Hicks - to embed a link to Celestial Mechanica' s Bandcamp page within the game itself, but when he's just released the game for free, and that excellent soundtrack for a measly dollar, I'm ready to forgive him just about anything. Celestial Mechanica is a snappy exploration puzzle platformer - think Eternal Daughter meets Knytt - featuring wonderful music and pixel art, courtesy of Hicks and Super Crate Box artist Paul Veer.

If you're wondering where you know Hicks from, he also did the soundtrack for the similarly free Zelda-a-like Seedling . Hicks and Veer are currently working on an expanded version of Celestial Mechanica, which will be around 2.5 times bigger than this now-free now-taster version of the game.

Hicks thanks everyone who purchased Celestial Mechanica - "because of you guys I have food to eat and money to develop my next big project!" - but if you've paid money for it in the last two months and you're annoyed that it's now free, he's offering to "send you something for your troubles!" Which is awfully nice of him. You can grab the game here , for gratis.