If you want to play Snowrunner as a giant octopus, this is the mod for you

(Image credit: Snowrunner)

Life is tough for the hardworking vehicles of Snowrunner, but as with many things in life, wouldn't it all be a lot easier if you were a giant purple octopus? 

Modder AlexLemminG thinks so. He describes the mod as an "absolutely unique experience that no one ever asked for!" Audience reaction has been mixed as Snowrunner is normally quite a serious vehicular traversal sim. The octopus has its fans, however. User Theshrilex asks "is marriage possible with it?"

Like any of the vehicles in the game, the octopus can get stuck in difficult terrain but fear not—it has a winch. Beware of the fact that if you drive the octopus poorly, you can flip it like any truck. You can download the mod here.

There are already dozens of mods available for Snowrunner as fans work to include their favourite trucks and big rigs into the game. You can browse them at snowrunner.mod.io.

Snowrunner is great. Andy gave it a score of 83 in our Snowrunner review. "The euphoria, and the relief, of conquering these challenges is what keeps me playing through all of this simulated hardship," he says. "SnowRunner is a brutal, uncompromising off-road driving sim that really wants you to fail—which only makes denying it the satisfaction even sweeter." You can find out more about the game on the official site.

Tom Senior

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