If you use Twitter, you should change your password right away

Twitter is recommending that all 330 million of its users change their passwords today following a computer glitch that exposed them in plain text.

"We recently identified a bug that stored passwords unmasked in an internal log. We have fixed the bug, and our investigation shows no indication of breach or misuse by anyone. Out of an abundance of caution, we ask that you consider changing your password on all services where you’ve used this password," Twitter stated in a blog post.

Twitter discovered the bug on its own, which is a far better scenario than finding out after a security breach. There's no evidence of foul play, and even if you left your password alone, nothing would likely come of it. However, it's always best to err on the side of caution in these cases.

We're changing ours, and you should too. You can do that by visiting Twitter's password reset page.

Paul Lilly

Paul has been playing PC games and raking his knuckles on computer hardware since the Commodore 64. He does not have any tattoos, but thinks it would be cool to get one that reads LOAD"*",8,1. In his off time, he rides motorcycles and wrestles alligators (only one of those is true).