If you gotta go fast, this 250Hz Alienware monitor is on sale for $385

This Alienware 25-inch 1080p 240HZ gaming monitor is on sale for $385
Dell's big monitor sale includes a super speedy 240Hz gaming monitor (Image credit: ALIENWARE)

Dell's running a big monitor sale, which includes gaming monitors large and small, marked down 25 percent. While $385 is still a good amount of money, this 240Hz, 25-inch Alienware gaming monitor caught our eye since it's rarely in stock.

The Alienware 25 AW2521HF is a 1080p monitor with a 240Hz IPS display and a 1ms response rate. This G-Sync/Freesync compatible gaming monitor was designed for competitive gaming in mind, so much so that it's the official gaming monitor of League of Legends. Sponsorship deals aside, what we like about the Alienware 25 is that it's a super speedy display with up to 99 percent sRGB color coverage. It can be hard to find a gaming monitor that's both fast and colorful without needing to sell your car.

At $384, this by no means is a budget deal, but it's a reasonable price if you're looking to upgrade from 144Hz display, but don't mind sticking with 1080p.

Alienware 25-inch Gaming Monitor |1080p|240HZ |$385 (save $125)

Alienware 25-inch Gaming Monitor |1080p|240HZ |$385 (save $125)
This stylish G-Sync/Freesync gaming monitor offers lighting fast performance perfect for competitive gaming.

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