If Diablo 4's not your thing, Men of War 2 is having an open beta on the same weekend

The big beta news of the day is the surprise "server slam" for Diablo 4, an open-for-all test set to run May 12-14. But if you're looking for something different to do, the upcoming World War 2 RTS Men of War 2 is also having an open beta over that very same weekend.

The Men of War 2 open beta will feature three singleplayer missions: The Battle of Coisson, which sees the US 68th Motorized Infantry Battalion launch a mission to re-establish contact with the artillery gunners of Company H; Towards Freedom, in which a squad of scouts and NKVD special forces attempt to destroy a German camp and rescue prisoners; and Ambush, a German mission that has elements of the 30th Panzergrenadier Regiment attempting to keep US reinforcements from reaching the front lines.

The Men of War 2 beta is set to run May 11-15—which means you can squeeze in it and Diablo 4 both, if you have the spare time on your hands—and will be open to everyone. To get in, head over to the Steam page and click the button to request playtest access. Everyone who signs up in advance will receive an email notice when the beta goes live, while those who jump in while it's running will just get straight to it.

A release date for Men of War 2 hasn't been announced yet, but it's expected later this year.

Andy Chalk

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