'I'd love to see my captain Jean-Luc playing but that would probably never happen,' says PUBG creator

As you might have spied a couple of weeks back, we caught up with former NFL star-turned-Hollywood actor Terry Crews about his newfound love of PC gaming. Prior to the interview, I planned to ask Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Sergeant Jeffords if he'd ever played PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. He instead beat me to it, billing Bluehole's runaway success as his favourite game at the moment by his own volition. 

Shortly after we posted the interview, PUBG's creator Brendan Greene tweeted this: "Holy shit! One of my favorite actors plays my game!! Thanks @terrycrews <3"

"It's crazy," Greene tells me over Skype. "Ever since Arma 2 Battle Royale and Arma 3 BR, I've had internet famous people playing the game. But to have an actual celebrity who is genuinely famous worldwide? It blows me away. I think I saw that Alan Tudyk played on Machinima, he's a console player and couldn't quite get used to the controls, but seeing people like that, people I admire, playing my game it just warms the heart."

Terry Crews' foray into PC gaming was spurred by an equally heart-warming display of father-son bonding. Likewise Crews' passion for our platform of choice has been at times adorable, however I ask Greene which other celebs he'd like to see locking and loading in PUBG's murdergrounds. 

"Oh… well I'd love to see my captain Jean-Luc playing but that would probably never happen," says Greene. "It's not like me being starstruck, although Terry followed me on Twitter which blows me away. That's like: fucking hell. I'm trying to think which celebrities to say here, I don't watch a lot of TV. The reason I like Terry Crews is because I watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine on repeat I love that show. It helps me go to bed at night as I've got a small bit of tinnitus in one ear due to DJ'ing too much. I could repeat half the phrases in it."

Greene adds: "I can't think of any celebrities, though, it's like when someone asks you what your favourite tune is, there's just too many to choose from. Terry seems like a genuinely nice guy. But I imagine you find that with a lot of stars. When I was a DJ I went to the winter music conference in Miami one year and got to meet my heroes - DJs that I fucking loved - and they were all just lovely people. They love what they do, and I'm lucky to be in a position where I get to do something that I love. You have to be nice!"

If you're reading this, Sir Patrick Stewart, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds currently lives in Early Access and is due to launch in full in "Q4, 2017".