'I would love to add a single player campaign to the game' says PUBG creator

Brendan Greene, the man responsible for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, hosted a Reddit AMA earlier today. Within, he discussed the possibility of a single player campaign, new vehicles for the game's new and incoming map, and a tribute to '90s comedy show Father Ted.

With comments running into the thousands, Greene was inundated with questions but did manage to hit a number of interesting issues—not least adding solo play to the battle royale murder simulator. 

"I would love to add a single player campaign to the game," says Greene when asked of the features he'd love to see added to the game. "I think the island we have could be a great location for an interesting story, but unfortunately we just don't have the time or the resources for this at the moment!"

What Greene and his Bluehole team does appear to have time for, however, is introducing new vehicles to the game's next map. Despite remaining tight-lipped on what they might be, he said: "We have new vehicles planned for the new map," says Greene. "As to what they are, you'll just have to wait and see."

Another feature heading to PUBG is a division and/or placement system, akin to the likes of CS:GO, League of Legends, and the similarly structured H1Z1. "We do have plans to add systems like this," explains Greene. "We also want to add a character leveling system and weapon skill systems (that doesn't affect game-play) and other progression systems. We'll have more info on these once we get a chance to fully plan them out."

Elsewhere, Greene said he and his team have "no plans" to introduce text chat any time soon, and that he's still getting used "every word [he says] publicly" being reported on, which in many ways underscores PUBG's meteoric success.  

And from the sublime to the ridiculous: an homage to '90s comedy show Father Ted might be on the cards. 

When asked if any subtle Irish references are planned down the line, Father Ted, for example, Greene said: "I don't think anyone at home knew that the game-mode was created by an Irishman, and as a result I was never contacted by any local companies. I also didn't have the experience to set up a studio myself so never really considered it. A little nod to Ted? I already have a plan for this, so stay tuned."

Cue Craggy Island as PUBG's third map. Check out Greene's Reddit AMA in full over here

Update: Greene reaffirmed on Twitter that while he may "love" the idea, as he stated, there are no present plans to add a single-player campaign.

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