I sincerely thought this 'zero gravity ergonomic workstation' was a weird sex thing

At a glance, the Levus looks like a torture device from some dystopian future or something you'd find in the back room of a shady arcade. The Levus is a "zero gravity ergonomic workstation" designed to reduce vertical spine pressure by evenly disturbing your body weight while you work.

Think of it like that cursed Japanese gamer bed we wrote about a few years back, except intended for the CEO who never sees their family and loves to talk about the virtues of micronapping.

The idea behind the chair is to keep your body in an open hip-spine angle, a neutral body posture when sitting in the chair, cutting down on excessive movements that hurt your body during long stretches of work or gaming. This keeps all your limbs at the right angles, hopefully reducing excess pressure on various body parts. 

The Levus is customizable, too. You can add little side tables, laptop holders, VESA mounts for monitors, and even a flight stick base to convert the chair into a cockpit for a flight simulator. 

The Levus can be shifted into four modes by sliding from a 40° angle (work mode) all the down to a 25° angle (sleep mode) for "sleep breaks in-between the work." It reminds me of a hospital bed that can be manually adjusted depending on the user's needs. 

Levus workstation

(Image credit: Levus)

The Levus targets users with various health issues who must work at a desk. The creators of the Levus claim that that workstation can cure you of varicose veins and thrombosis, though you should consult your physician first and not a goofy YouTube video.

So how much is the workstation of the future, exactly? Well, it starts at €3,250, but if you add all the attachments, you're looking at around €4,000 (or $4,337). To be fair, good ergonomic office furniture is never cheap, but if you don't have to spend that kind of money, just look at one of our favorite gaming chairs and take care of your back. Frequent breaks, people.


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