I desperately need these Disco Elysium jackets

A woman modelling Kim's jacket from Disco Elysium
(Image credit: ZA/UM)

Disco Elysium is a wonderfully stylish game, and now you can bring the fashion of Revachol to your own wardrobe—if you're able to cough up the dough.

ZA/UM unveiled its Disco Elysium-themed clothing brand ZA/UM Atelier earlier today, with three pieces currently available. Kim's bomber jacket is up for grabs in either orange or black, and a dramatic bat-wing jacket dubbed the Lilik-Hiriadi Death Cloak.

All three are awfully nice, and I would love to grab one myself, but there's a couple of small catches. The jackets are all just a tad pricier than your standard coat. Kim's Aerostatic Pilot Jacket will set you back a cool €399 ($470/£313), with the cloak costing even more at €449 ($529/£386). There are also only 15 available bomber jackets and 7 available cloaks, making these super limited edition—and it seems the Kim jacket is already sold out. They're all made to order too, which contributes towards the heftier price tag.

They're genuinely stunning pieces though, and I'm just a little bit jealous that I won't get my hands on the black bomber jacket. One of my favourite types of videogame merch is wearable clothes either inspired by or straight out of a game. None of this 'slap the logo on a t-shirt' nonsense, please.

ZA/UM is releasing a beefed-up version of Disco Elysium with its Final Cut edition next week, March 30, with a fully-voiced necktie amongst other things. Just hope these IRL jackets don't talk to you.

Mollie Taylor
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