Hysterical Overwatch 2 bug lets Bastion players paint the world with artillery

Bastion with baseball cap and bird
(Image credit: Blizzard)

Okay so any new video game release, especially one that includes lots of unique powers, is going to see bugs. Overwatch 2 isn't free of those, and while some are frustrating, others are mostly funny. This one... is hysterical, even if it's an exploit.

Players of lovable robot Bastion have noticed that if you time it right and input the right clicks and keys at the right moments, you can call down a very, very large number of artillery strikes. As many as you can click for in the limited time window that Bastion's new ultimate allows.

No, I won't tell you how to do it here because you shouldn't do it in public. If you do it in public, please absolutely do not do it in competitive. That's cheating in a very bad way that ruins other peoples' good time. In bot matches? Custom games? Private? Go to town. This is hilarious.

Naturally this is the source of some pretty entertaining streamer clips, as players are caught off guard, shocked, and generally bamboozled by the sudden ocean of artillery markers and explosions coming their way. "They buffed bastion ult!!" posted the appropriately-named BastionMain11 on Twitter.

Players encountering the bug for the first time are perhaps the most entertaining clips to watch. Reactions range from surprise and curiosity to a panicked "what the fuck is that."

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However, experienced players—those who've encountered the bug being exploited already—provide some superb reactions.

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"He's doing it again" indeed.

In other Overwatch 2 news, the hero tier lists are all over the place and there's at least a temporary fix to the whole phone number fiasco.

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