Hynospace Outlaw is getting mod support next week

(Image credit: No More Robots)

Cyberspace adventure Hypnospace Outlaw is getting an update next week that will open the gates of its retro virtual internet to mods. The modding update will launch with some mods ready to go, and if you fancy making some yourself, you can start straight away. 

It's apparently the game's biggest update and will let players make reskins of the interface, brand new websites, cheats and new storylines. Surprisingly, it won't be using Steam Workshop, instead opting mod.io and an in-game mod menu where you can browse and download them. 

Along with some launch mods, guides will be available to get you ready to start mucking around with the game yourself. If you want to start making one now, you can find out more on the official Discord server, where you also might be able to find some collaborators. 

I keep meaning to go back to it, and if nothing else this has reminded me it's been languishing in my library for too long. Andy Kelly called it "one of the best detective games on PC" in his Hypnospace Outlaw review, so it's worth a look even if you're not fussed about the mods. 

Mods will be available from November 19. 

Disclosure: PC Gamer contributor Xalavier Nelson Jr. worked on Hypnospace Outlaw.

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