HyperX's superb budget microphone is just $35 right now

HyperX Solocast
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Are expensive $200 microphones holding you back from recording the world's greatest videogame podcast or starting a YouTube channel where you play all the Dark Souls games with your feet? Fear not; Amazon has a killer deal on the HyperX Solocast USB microphone at an all-time low price of $35. That's nearly half of its already super cheap price of $60.

The HyperX Solocast is hands down the best cheap microphone for streaming and gaming. It's tiny, easy to use, and now even more wildly affordable. Great for creating content or just sounding good on a work call. 

Below, you can hear there isn't much difference in sound quality between the Solocast and the QuadCast S, HyperX's premium microphone that retails for around $160.

HyperX SoloCast microphone

HyperX Solocast USB Microphone| Black| $59.99 $34.99 at Amazon (save $25)
This cute pill-shaped mic offers incredible sound at an even more incredible price. It may lack many features more serious streamers want, but if you're on a budget but still want good sound quality, a Solocast for $35 is the way to go. 

As great as this little pill-shaped microphone sounds, it's not perfect. Much like the other budget microphones I like, most features that come standard on a typical HyperX microphone are stripped out to keep the cost of the kit low. 

There's no volume or gain control, headphone jack, shock mount, pop filter, or that classic RGB flair we've come to know and love (or hate depending on who you ask) from HyperX. All you get is a tap-to-mute button on the top; honestly, that's more than some other budget mics

This means any sort of audio adjustment needs to be done on a software level, via your streaming and recording apps, such as OBS or Xsplit. That can be a pain, especially if you're doing a livestream. I noted in my SoloCast review that the mic sounds a bit too loud out of the box, so you'll have to do some tweaking to get it just right. 

At a shade less than $60, it was already a great option for folks looking for a travel-friendly plug-and-play microphone that works well on both PC and Macs. At $35, it's practically a steal. 

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