Hunt: Showdown is getting rid of its leaderboard

hunt showdown
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Crytek is ditching its current leaderboard system in Hunt: Showdown, with the developer saying it's "not in line with the original vision" for the feature.

The leaderboard will vanish in update 1.9, with Crytek working on a new iteration that can be implemented at a later date. "Leaderboards are an important feature of Hunt: Showdown," a developer update read. "However, we feel that the current version is not in line with the original vision we have for recognising the best of the best Hunters. This is in part due to past issues with exploits and the focus on KD over quality solo and team play."

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The developer cited feedback from the community as a large reason for temporarily removing leaderboards, saying it's starting to work on "a better solution." There's no exact timeframe on when the feature will be updated and reintroduced, but Crytek said it'll continue to keep the community updated.

This is just a temporary removal of leaderboards—players are still able to peep their own stats and they'll remain visible on profiles. Still, the decision seems to have mostly gone down well with the community. Some feel that the leaderboard removal doesn't negate the problem though, and want Crytek to take it a step further and remove KD statistics entirely. 

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