Humble THQ Bundle adds Titan Quest and Red Faction DLC

We've hit that mid-way point in a Humble Bundle's life where sweeteners are added to the already surgery proposition of a pay-what-you-want selection of great games. However with this, the most corporate of Humbles, we also get the slightly bitter taste of a DLC mission pack.

The THQ bundle has been updated to add Titan Quest and Red Faction: Armageddon's Path of War DLC for bundlees who contribute over the average - currently standing at $5.61.

Titan Quest is a pretty good action RPG in the style of the earlier Diablo games. While it's not quite as polished as either of the Torchlights, as part of a bundle of already great games, it's a nice extra (albeit one that doesn't include the Immortal Throne expansion). As for Path of War, my detailed research (read: looking at the Steam page) suggests it's a four mission add-on. Personally I never quite forgave Armageddon for not being the brilliantly dumb Guerilla.

As beat-the-average extras, neither are quite as compelling as the ace Saints Row: The Third, but then it's hard to argue with freebies.

The Humble THQ Bundle has now raised $3.86 million, with five and a half days still to go. It's gone up around $3,000 just while I was writing this post! God I love real-time stats.

Phil Savage

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