Humble Indie Bundle 8 expands with four more games

Between Hotline Miami, Proteus, Thomas Was Alone... pretty much everything in it, the Humble Indie Bundle 8 has been one of the best game bundles in recent memory. It essentially serves as an indie primer - a brilliant catch-up of some of notable games from the last few years. Now, with a week left before the bundle closes, four more games have been added to that selection. They're also pretty great.

Here's what they've added, all as beat-the-average bonuses:

  • Tiny & Big in Grandpa's Leftovers

  • Intrusion 2

  • English Country Tune

  • Oil Rush

All of which nicely expand the bundle's variety. You've got a 3D sandbox platformer in Tiny & Big, a game that happily lets you slice its levels apart for your progression needs. Then there's 2D physics shooter Intrusion 2, a game that Tom Francis enthused about here . English Country Tune is an Increpare puzzler and, as such, adept at making you feel hopelessly incompetent. Then there's Oil Rush, which I've not played. Er... There's a trailer here .

Even without these four additions, the bundle has been a massive success. It's now raised over $2 million in total, spread over more than 367,000 buyers.