Humble Indie Bundle 3 now includes Humble Indie Bundle 2 games

Humble Indie Bundle 3

The Humble Indie Bundle 3 has expanded in all directions. The pay-what-you want package originally offered Crayon Physics Deluxe , Cogs , VVVVVV , And Yet it Moves and Hammerfight , then Mojang threw in a trial to let purchasers play Minecraft for free until August 14. Then rotating robo-blaster Steel Storm jumped in, but that still wasn't enough.

Now, if you pay more than the average contribution (currently $5.22) for the Humble Indie Bundle 3, you'll get the Humble Indie Bundle 2 games as well.

The Humble Indie Bundle 2 includes Braid , Cortex Command , Machinarium , Osmos and Revenge of the Titans . A great package. Donations are split three ways between the developers, Child's Play and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. You get to decide how your payment is divided between these camps, and you can drop the Humble Bundle organisers a tip, too.

The Humble Indie Bundle 3 will be available for another five days. The bundle has sold 261,476 copies and counting for more than $1.3 million.

Tom Senior

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