Humble Indie Bundle 2 now includes Humble Indie Bundle 1 games

World of Goo

The Humble Indie Bundle 2 went on sale last week, and has already raised more than $1.3 million for the developers, Child's Play and The Electric Frontier Foundation. Now, in a final push, they're also throwing in all of the games from last year's Humble Indie Bundle for those who pay more than $7.39. That adds six extra games, including World of Goo, Aquaria, Gish, Lugaru HD Penumbra Overture and Samarost 2.

The extra games have been given automatically to all those who have already bought the Humble Indie Bundle 2, irrespective of the amount donated, but all future purchases will have to be above $7.39 to unlock the six extra games. To buy the collection, head on over to the Humble Indie Bundle 2 site . Here's an overview of the great games that were part of the original Humble Indie Bundle.

World of Goo

2D boy's adorable physics-based puzzler asks you to help out the goo balls to safety by joining them together, forming wobbly structures across the abstract and dangerous landscapes, bridging chasms, dodging spinning razor blades and, in one level, even building your way out of the belly of a giant beast.


Aquaria is set in a huge underwater world. The emphasis is on exploration, and your mermaid-like character, Naija, can use different songs to change her environments and her own form, turning her from a peaceful sea nymph to a fireball throwing water demon.


Gish is a sticky platformer in which you play a ball of tar. Your gelatinous body is just sticky enough to blue to certain surfaces, and given enough of a run up you can crush meddling enemies. You'll have to learn how best to use your tar ball's momentum if you want to survive Gish's punishing levels.

Lugaru HD

Lugaru is a fighting game about rabbits with samurai swords locked in an eternal battle with a race of bipedal wolves. The physics based procedural fighting system encourages organic fights, so you won't be relying on long combo chains to take your opponents down. The developers, Wolfire games, are now working on Overgrowth , which also features some top class rabbit vs. wolf violence .

Penumbra Overture

The incredibly creepy Penumbra Overture asks to explore an abandoned underground base in the arctic. It's not entirely abandoned, though, as you can quickly tell from the strange roaring behind the walls and the scratching sounds coming from every shadowy corner. It's almost as scary as Amnesia: The Dark Descent , which incidentally is made by the same people.

Samarost 2

Samarost 2 is a surreal adventure game set on a series of organic worlds floating through space. You play as a small gnome on a quest to find his dog, and must navigate the strange environments by manipulating the various contraptions and characters that inhabit each screen.

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