Humble Indie Bundle 19 comes with Soma, Superhot and plenty more

The 19th Humble Indie Bundle is now live over on the Humble store. It'll be available through 11 am Pacific on Tuesday, April 10, with a new batch of games to come on Tuesday, April 3. If you purchase the bundle anytime before then, you'll receive the new games when they're added to the bundle, provided your purchase cracks their price tier. Speaking of which, here's what each price tier gets you right now:  

Pay what you want 

  •  Halcyon 6: Lightspeed Edition 
  •  Mini Metro 
  •  Rakuen 

Pay the average or more ($4.91 at time of writing) 

  •  Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes 
  •  Soma 
  •  Poly Bridge 

Pay $14 or more  

  •  Superhot 

If you're looking for more indie deals, have a look at Humble's Indie Mega Week sale. And if you're really quick, you can also grab The Darkness 2 for free on the Humble Store.

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Austin Wood
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