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Humble Devolver Bundle discounts Ronin, Dropsy, Shadow Warrior, more


Send in the clowns. Also, send in the ronin, the 'shadow warriors', and a few pigeon-fanciers while you're at it, as all these feature in the latest Humble Bundle. It's dedicated to indie publisher Devolver Digital, and offers A Fistful of Gun, Ronin, and Gods Will Be Watching at the pay-what-you-want tier. But if you beat the average (the average currently stands at just over $4), you'll also get clown-based adventure game Dropsy, gun-based gun-game Not a Hero, and slicing-baddies-up-'em-up Shadow Warrior too. That's quite a good deal, is what it is.

As ever, more games for the beat-the-average tier will be revealed in due course, but if you want Titan Souls and Hatofield Boyfriend: Holiday Star thrown in as well, you'll have to fork over $10 or more.

There. I finally own all the games that have ever gamed. Can developers stop releasing them for, oh, let's say 30 years please?