Humble Daily Bundles give you 14 days of deals


Uh oh. Humble Bundle is already in the midst of a tempting Spring Sale (Saint Row IV is currently $10!) at the same time as GOG's Spring Insomnia Sale , and your wallet cowers in fear of Steam's next seasonal sale. The last thing it needs is another opportunity for amazing savings, but that's just what Humble Bundle announced with its new Humble Daily Bundle .

For the next two weeks, Humble Bundle will put up a new bundle every day. For the next 24 hours it's offering the Humble Deep Silver Re-Bundle, which includes Saints Row: The Third , Risen 2 , Metro 2033 , Dead Island , and others. You can get all the games including their soundtracks if you pay $9 or more. As usual, a designated portion of your purchase will go toward the Electronic Frontier Foundation or Child's Play.

This first daily sale looks just as good as Humble Bundle's usual offerings, so it's definitely worth checking in regularly over the next two weeks to see what games pop up there. It's okay. You weren't using that money anyway.