Humble Indie Bundle 15 features Gang Beasts, Planetary Annihilation

Gang Beasts

The funny thing about Humble Bundle is that I looked at the latest and thought, "15? Surely they've run out of games by now?" but of course they haven't, because an independent game developer is born every minute. Gang Beasts, for example, is so fresh that it's still in early access, but you only have to pay $10 (currently £6.58) to get a copy as part of your bundle.

You can also pay lots more dollars to get DIY Gang Beasts figures, but that's obviously for super fans. Just the games will do for me. Already got access to Gang Beasts? The next tier down merely requires you to pay more than the average, currently $6.73 (£4.43), to get hold of fighting game Skullgirls (plus all of its DLC), RTS Planetary Annihilation, turn-based strategy Xenonauts, and whatever other games Humble decides to add over the next few days.

If even that is too dear, feel free to chuck mere pennies at Humble for the base tier, though they, the developers, and the two supported charities probably all deserve a little more than that. Either way, you'll get copies of stealth game Sir, You Are Being Hunted; first-person puzzle game Q.U.B.E.: Director's Cut; and point-and-click adventure Goodbye Deponia.

What I like about this Humble Bundle is the genre variety—there's something for everyone! Make sure you click those links to check out our review of each game. I know these bundles are cheap, but you still deserve to know what you're getting for your money.