Human Head's Viking action-RPG Rune 2 gets a release date

After a bit of a rough ride that included two renamings, a move to the Epic Games Store, and a delay, Human Head Studios has announced that its Viking action-RPG Rune 2 will be out on November 12.

Rune 2 begins with players declaring allegiance to one of three Norse gods—Odin, Thor, or Hel, and why you wouldn't choose Odin every time is a mystery, but you do you—each of whom will confer different and unique powers: a lightning hammer, ice spikes, or overly aggressive ravens. 

With that decision made, you'll set out on a quest to prevent Loki from destroying Midgard, mainly by beating the hell out of everything you see. You'll also collect resources, discover artifacts that can weaken the Real Gate, and craft new and more powerful weapons that enable new and more powerful beatdowns in solo or online co-op play.

Rune 2 is available for pre-purchase on the Epic Games Store in three different flavors ranging from $30-$60, with various bonuses—a weapon, armor, the soundtrack, that sort of thing—as you go up in price. An open beta test of the deathmatch and team deathmatch modes will run from September 20-22; Human Head also said that a multiplayer demo will be offered through the EGS, but it's not available just yet.

Andy Chalk

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