HTC addresses the Vive's rocky launch

HTC Vive box photo

Neither the HTC Vive nor the Oculus Rift have had buttery launches. The latter was hit by component shortage, while the Vive is mired in payment processing and shipping issues. HTC has stepped in to address the matter, acknowledging its own inconsistency in communicating with customers.

There were suspicions that headsets ordered via PayPal were shipping ahead of those bought by credit card. According to HTC this is not the case: orders are processed on a first in, first out basis. However, PayPal users are charged immediately whereas card purchases are charged once the Vive is sent. If you paid by card and the authorisation hold disappears before you receive any shipping information, HTC advises you to get in touch.

In some instances there was a balls-up with shipping. Customers who paid for express delivery received economy instead. All those affected will be refunded the difference within 5-10 business days of shipment.

Still more reassuring, HTC claims that there are currently no shipping delays. Your order will be sent in the month originally promised.