How to watch AMD's CES 2022 live stream: the latest on team red's Ryzen CPUs and more

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The hour of CES 2022 (opens in new tab) is nigh, and AMD is about to treat us to some tasty tech announcements to usher in the new year. At 7am PT / 10am ET / 3pm GMT, AMD's Product Premiere (opens in new tab) will be broadcast across the web. There Dr. Lisa Su, the company's CEO, is set to unveil some goodies for "gamers, creators and mobile PC users" alike.

You can watch AMD's CES 2022 on this page via the embed above.

At the press conference, AMD will likely be shouting about the potential Ryzen 6000 refresh for laptops. These chips, known as 'Rembrandt', will incorporate RDNA 2 graphics in a portable form factor. That means more of the great gaming graphics architecture you know on desktop on-the-go, and a potentially huge step up in mobile performance over current Cezanne mobile chips.

We can confirm a great deal of that too, thanks to the CTA's award post (opens in new tab) (the institution responsible for CES), which says "New AMD Ryzen 6000 series processors are the first with integrated graphics performance." They'll also include "RDNA 2 and DDR5 technologies, with exciting AI-audio processing and Microsoft Pluton processor features."

There could also be word on upcoming Ryzen refreshes on desktop, and we know of two potentially exciting forms they could take. The most likely to be mentioned are those built with AMD's 3D V-cache technology (opens in new tab), which should help bolster gaming performance a fair amount over current generation Ryzen 5000 chips. The other would-be CES 2022 mention is AMD's Zen 4-based processors, which may be just over the horizon, too. Perhaps we'll hear about both. Now that'd be nice.

Look out for announcements surrounding RDNA 3 (opens in new tab), as well. Though we're not holding our breath for much on those graphics chips just yet.

Dr. Su will be on hand to clear up all the speculation soon, as well as "highlight upcoming computing and graphics solutions from AMD and outline the company’s vision for driving best-in-class high-performance computing experiences for gaming, entertainment, and the way we live and work now."

Feel free to follow along with the event here, just keep this tab handy for when it all kicks off.

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