Tribes of Midgard: How to climb cliffs with ramps

Tribes of Midgard
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Wondering how to climb cliffs in Tribes of Midgard? As you explore the procedurally generated world in the co-op Viking ARPG, you'll run into a lot of cliffs and plateaus scattered around the landscape. These cliffs aren't all that tall, but they'll stop your progress cold: Your Viking may be able to slay giants, but they can't jump or climb.

A cliff wall in your way feels like a dead end, and you can spend ages running around the sides looking for a way past it. Sometimes there are important resources on top of a cliff you'll want to reach, and other times you may want to find a shortcut past the cliffs if it's a part of the world you frequently visit. And even if you've managed to make it to the top of a cliff, it's not immediately obvious how to get back to ground level in a hurry.

If you want a quick way to climb cliffs, you're going to need to build some ramps.

Tribes of Midgard: How to build a ramp

You can't build ramps yourself. As with all crafting in Tribes of Midgard, you'll need to visit one of your village NPCs. Go to Eyrun the Tinker, she's in the northwest area of your village, just south of the gate. She can build you a ramp if you have the right resources. For anything above a basic ramp, you'll need to level the tinker up by giving her souls. Higher level ramps are more durable.

Navigate to the tab of Eyrun's crafting menu that looks like a hammer and saw. That's her construction menu. Here's what you'll need.

Level 1 ramp recipe:

  • 10 wood 

Level 2 ramp recipe:

  • 12 wood
  • 4 iron

Level 3 ramp recipe:

  • 14 wooden boards
  • 6 iron

For the above recipes, wood can be gathered by chopping trees. As for the other ingredients:

  • Iron: 5 iron ore, gathered from iron deposits with the pickaxe. The tinker must be level 2.
  • Wooden board: 6 wood + 4 branches. The tinker must be level 3.

How to get off a cliff

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This is thankfully easy: just roll. Tapping the space bar lets you dodge attacks, but you can use it to roll off the edges of cliffs to pop back down the ground quickly. Be warned, if the cliff is particularly high you may take a bit of fall damage, so don't go rolling off cliffs if you're at death's door.

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