How to make money in Grand Theft Auto V

(Image credit: Rockstar)

So you’ve grabbed your free copy of Grand Theft Auto V on PC from the Epic Games Store as part of their Free Game Fridays offer, and you’ve read through our brief guide to getting started. Now you want to make some cash. Well, here’s our quick guide to earning bank in Grand Theft Auto V.

Do Heists

The most immediate way to make fat stacks in Grand Theft Auto V is to follow the story through the first couple of Heist missions. The initial Heist you pull will net Michael and Franklin somewhere in the region of $750,000 each, and the second will pull in considerably more. Also, bear in mind the Crew you choose will affect the percentage of the overall cut you get. Choosing less skilled Crew members will net you a larger cut, but may have unforeseen consequences during the mission.

Purchase businesses

Once you’ve got a few hundred grand under your belt, it’s worth pouring some of that money into real estate. There are tons of small businesses you can purchase around Los Santos and beyond, from airfields to Cab Companies to Pharmacies. Not only does each business provide a weekly income, they also have their own unique set of “property management” missions to partake in, so it’s also worth purchasing them to experience more of the story.

Invest in the Stock Market

One of the simplest ways to make a quick buck in Grand Theft Auto V is to invest in stocks. Bring-up your in-game phone and type into the address bar (or just search “LCN Exchange”). Here, you can buy and sell shares in all the companies populating Grand Theft Auto V’s world. It’s important to note there are two stock exchanges, LCN and BAWSAQ. The latter is a player-influenced stock market that tends to have bigger profit potential but is also generally more volatile.

Not grabbed your free copy of GTA V yet? Head to the Epic Games Store now.


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