How to craft an axe in Grounded

Need to get your hands on a Grounded axe? You won't survive long without crafting some tools to help you brave the creatures that roam in Grounded's giant backyard. There are currently two types of axes, and each of them require you to explore your surroundings for specific items.

Whether you're just getting started, or need to know how to upgrade your axe, I'm here to help. Let's ensure you have the right tools for the job when you're hacking away at plants and defending yourself against huge insects. Here are the items you need, and how to make a Grounded axe.

Grounded axe: How to craft a Pebblet Axe

The Pebblet Axe is a basic tool that can be used to chop down grass and other plants. It also doubles as a weapon when you're short of a spear. It's one of the first tools you can craft in Grounded as the items required for its recipe are located close to your Field Station. 

After arriving at the Field Station and running through some of the tutorial quests, it's time to comb the ground for a few items. To craft a Pebblet Axe you need:

  • Sprig x3
  • Pebblet x2
  • Woven Fiber x1

Sprigs are thin, green plants with two leaves at the top of their stems. They're shorter than your character, but nowhere near as small as Plant Fiber.  

Pebblets just look like small grey pebbles, so these are very easy to spot on the floor. While it's tempting to begin throwing these around, resist the urge as you may hit and upset a Worker Ant. Those guys will attack you.  

Woven Fiber is made from three strips of Plant Fiber. These are tiny plants that are difficult to miss. Cutting grass also adds Plant Fiber to your inventory.

Crafting a Pebblet Axe

After analysing your Sprigs and Pebblets, and crafting some Woven Fiber, press Tab and click on Craft. Select Tools and choose the Pebblet Axe. Tap Space to craft the axe. 

To equip your new tool, open your Inventory, click on the axe and press F. You can also quick-select it by pressing the number on the slot it's in (for example, 2 on your keyboard).

What is Woven Fiber?

After collecting some Plant Fiber, you're ready to turn it into Woven Fiber. Consult my guide on how to craft Grounded Woven Fiber to learn how to stock up on this textile. It's also used in several other recipes and blueprints, making it particularly valuable to add to your inventory.  

Grounded axe: How to craft a Tier 2 Insect Axe

If your Pebblet Axe isn't quite, err, cutting it, consider switching to something more durable. Crafting a Tier 2 axe challenges you to explore further and take on stronger enemies, but its worth the extra work. To craft an Insect Axe you need:

  • Lady Bug Head x1
  • Bombardier Part x3
  • Spider Silk x4

Acquiring a Lady Bug Head requires you to kill a sweet, but not-so-little, Lady Bug. It's a heartbreaking job, but it needs to be done. You can't miss their bright bodies in the yard, but to save you some time, the screenshot above shows where I stumbled upon one. 

Bombardier Parts are gathered from Bombardier Beetles. These enemies are quite strong, so it's best to have a spear or bow handy with which to take them out. Ant Clubs take them down even faster, but the items required to craft one are tricky to collect early on. 

Spider Silk is extracted from Spiderlings and large spider webs. You can find both through a stony opening in the ground on the west side of the map (above). Keep both your spear and axe handy for this trip and beware of lots of Lawn Mites in the surrounding area.

(Image credit: Obsidian Entertainment)

Before rushing off to grab those items, it's important to note that more valuable tools, weapons and armour require a Workbench. The Insect Axe falls into this category due to its higher damage, stun and speed stats. To craft a Workbench you need:

  • Grass Plank x3
  • Sprig x4
  • Sap x2 

Grass Planks are just blades of grass that have been cut down. Use your axe to chop these down. 

Sap is a small, orange blob that you can find attached to trees.

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